Circle Entertainment is releasing the Kutar series in North America this week, a range of mini-games which showcase the mysterious Kutar, who - we're reliably informed by the PR below - is absolutely not a dog, cat or bear.

There are 10 titles in total, each costing 99 cents. They are Kutar Apple, Kutar Burger Factory, Kutar Concert Staff, Kutar Jump Rope, Kutar Magic Ball, Kutar Powder Factory, Kutar Quiz, Kutar Ski Lift, Kutar Tude Rider and Kutar End Credits.

What is Kutar?

Kutar is the character who has an incredible expressionless emotion that can't be distinguished by laughing or crying.

Kutar is not a dog, cat or bear.

Kutar is always Kutar no matter where he is going or doing.

Though being so expressionless, when Kutar wants to laugh, cry, love or be angry, all feelings are still very ordinary.

No matter what happenes, [sic] the emotions will not changed. Even a desperate situation arrives, Kutar will just inflate his body and overcome. What a wonderful Yuru-chara.

The lovely and funny Kutar game series is everywhere! Just finish the quest's challenges with simple controls.

Will you be investing in any of these games based off that stunning footage, or are you just going to have a lie down somewhere instead?