Ever since Apple unveiled the iPhone 7, declaring all those using wired headphones to be cave-dwellers that need to join a wireless revolution, gamers in Japan have been able to do something else with their new phone besides looking for their lightning adapter. The SUICA app allows users to buy 3DS eShop games with the iPhone on the 'New' models, which is a neat little "oh snap" feature, if not actually revolutionary.

SUICA cards are extremely common in Japan - they can be topped up in funds and used to pay for public transport and a variety of products via NFC (near-field communication). If you regularly ride a subway or use a similar service you'll likely have a top-up card just like it, though in Japan SUICA builds its brand around the convenience of being compatible with multiple stores. The cards have been usable with the Wii U in Japan for quite some time (using the GamePad's scanner), while the New 3DS has had support for them since it launched in late 2014.

In any case, the SUICA app can be used with the iPhone 7 models to do the same thing as the cards. This feature has been there a number of weeks, but a cool video popped up on our YouTube feed to show it off. It's by gaijin hunter; we've featured this channel in the past as it posts some terrific Monster Hunter content.

It's a neat feature, and we'll use any excuse to share videos that make good use of a silent movie style.