Pokemon Sun and Moon

Now that Pokémon Sun and Moon has been out for a couple weeks, it's gotten to the time where Global Missions have begun. These will be facilitated via the Pokémon Global Link, and will require the collective participation of Pokémon players across the world in order to achieve the lofty goals being set. The first mission just went live today and is centered around catching a lot of Pokémon, 100 million to be exact.

The mission is running until midnight on 12th December and participants will receive up to 2,000 Festival Coins if the goal is reached and no less than 100 festival coins if it isn't. It's a pretty safe bet that this goal will be easily passed – if every owner of a copy caught about fifty Pokémon, that would surpass the goal and then some – so make sure you join in to get your paws on those sweet Festival Coins.

What do you think? How many Pokémon will you catch for this? What are some ideas you have for future missions? Drop us a comment in the section below.

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