Remember the bit in the Nintendo Switch trailer where the 'dudes' play real life Basketball, then play videogame Basketball on the Switch right next to the same court? Not necessarily the most realistic scenario, but it made for a good video sequence.

It did leave us scratching our heads at Nintendo Life Towers as to if this was indeed NBA 2K, or some other basketball game. Take-Two's president Karl Slatoff cleared up the situation in the company's recent financial results call:

We're happy that Take-Two had the opportunity to collaborate with Nintendo on their first look video on Nintendo Switch which was revealed last month and will launch in March 2017. While we're not confirming any specific titles this time, we're pleased to announce our partnership with Nintendo, and support of the Nintendo Switch. We look forward to revealing specific games and details at a later date.

While NBA 2K is as yet unconfirmed for the Nintendo Switch, it's positive to have Take-Two on board. Of course this publisher owns 2K Games and Rockstar Games, so there is a whole host of titles which could be headed their way to the Switch aside from 2K sports games - how about Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption or Bioshock? If that seems a longshot, it should be noted that the Wii U did get a unique version of NBA 2K13 in its launch window, though no more titles in the series followed.

We look forward to learning what Take-Two's Switch games will be in due course. As always let us know what you think with a comment below.

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