Yesterday's confirmation of the release date and price of Super Mario Run has caused Nintendo's shares to rise as much as 5.3 percent during the day's trading, eventually closing around 2.78 percent higher at 25,550 yen.

The new iOS title - which is coming to Android next year - arrives on December 15th and will be free to play. For $9.99 players can unlock access to the full game. Apple already has more than 20 million players signed up for a download notification the moment the title goes live.

Neil Campling, head of global technology, media and telecoms research at Northern Trust Capital Markets, had this to say about the news:

Offering a free game with an option to unlock all the available content for just $9.99 will appeal as a pricing point to many. Many successful mobile games, such as 'Clash of Clans' by way of example, have seen an annual spend of over $100/year/gamer. So to set a low incentive (zero to try) and then a low total cost when engaged could set Nintendo on a differentiated path which, ultimately, could be a game changer to address a wider audience. For unlimited use of 'Super Mario Run' it is the price of a just one month of a Netflix subscription, or one month of Spotify premium or a fraction of a traditional game ASP (average selling price).

Nintendo's stock price is up 52.5 percent year-to-date, and has been buoyed by the company's move into mobile and the impending arrival of its new home console, the Nintendo Switch.