Apple's Tim Cook has revealed that the forthcoming smartphone title Super Mario Run has already clocked up over 20 million notification sign ups.

Those 20 million individuals have registered via the iOS App Store to receive a notification as soon as Nintendo's latest mobile title goes live. While that figure is obviously not "active" users - the game isn't out yet, after all - it's a good indication of just how massive this release is likely to be.

To that that figure into context, the last two Mario games on the Wii U sold 5.34 million (New Super Mario Bros. U) and 5.01 million (Super Mario 3D World) copies. While it's a little unfair to compare the two as Super Mario Run will be "free to start", it does give you an idea of how significant a revenue stream mobile gaming could be to Nintendo.

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Thanks to Niinbendo for the tip!