Nintendo Switch

It's been confirmed by Nintendo that the Nintendo Switch will be launching in all regions during March 2017. Take this with a pinch of salt, but now Laura Dale - who from our own conversations seems to have some solid sources, and has previously published some articles on Switch via LetsPlayVideoGames - has revealed that she hears the Switch will launch in Europe on 17th March:

There's been chatter around this as a possible release week since Monster Hunter XX (Double Cross) was confirmed for 18th March in Japan, with some speculating whether that title could also be an early arrival on Switch in the country. That's possible of course, potentially to be confirmed in January, but it's also possible that the two releases will be entirely unrelated.

It's also another reason for Irish readers to celebrate as that's Saint Patrick's Day.

If these sources are to be believed then Japan will be getting the Switch a little bit earlier, however, perhaps to compensate for Capcom's monstrous upcoming hit on 3DS arriving in that period - in the process potentially lowering the odds on a Switch version of that game at launch.

There hasn't been any speculation on a firm target date for North America yet - but wouldn't it be too perfect if it was March 10th (MAR10)?

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