As we reported last week, the November Mythical Pokémon distribution is Genesect, a rather neat addition to the range of 'mon that have arrived during this Anniversary year.

The good thing is that the distribution is now live, though you do have to head to a participating store to get a code. A rather flashy new trailer shows off the Genesect on offer.

Below are the store details and profile image we shared last week, in case you missed them; this distribution is running until 24th / 25th November.

  • US - GameStop
  • Canada - EB Games
  • UK - GAME
  • France - Micromania
  • Germany - GameStop and Toys 'R Us
  • Italy - GameStop
  • Spain - GAME
  • Australia and New Zealand - EB Games
  • South Africa - BT Games

Are you planning to capture a serial code for this Genesect?