FUN FACT: Magikarp has a strong immune system which helps it to survive in the most polluted of waters.
Image: Martin Wong

One dedicated Japanese gamer has bested Pokémon Sun And Moon using nothing but a Magikarp - a monster which has a reputation as being one of the most useless in the entire Pokémon series.

According to Forbes, it appears that the Magikarp was kept in its base form by using Everstone, allowing it to reach level 70 without evolving into the more powerful Gyarados. Its only offensive option is a Normal Flail attack.

I made it to the hall of fame in Pokémon Sun and Moon just using a Magikarp I caught! I'm having sushi for dinner tonight!

This boast has naturally led to some people questioning if it's even possible to beat the game with such a lowly monster, but Forbes has the following theory:

The answer to this was to use up all the PP for Magikarp's single Normal attack and then use struggle to damage the Ghost type Pokémon. In addition, on tougher battles this struggle tactic was used in reverse. In that you would constantly heal your Magikarp and let your opponent waste their PP, forcing them to use struggle. That in turn would force them to deplete their own health and allow you to defeat them.

That's quite a feat. Think you could top that, or do you think something fishy has gone on here? Let us know with a comment.