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As fans of the terrific 'Games Done Quick' events will know, live streaming games in an entertaining way is a great method for raising money and doing a lot of good. Now Desert Bus for Hope, which has been running annual events since 2007, is pitching in once again.

Since 2007 the group has raised over $3 million for Child's Play, with the quirky premise being that the group must keep playing notoriously weird game Desert Bus, which simulates an uneventful real-time drive from Tucson (Arizona) to Las Vegas (Nevada). While playing this game there are frequent "singing and dancing breaks, live auctions, celebrity call-ins and more", often with another game also being played at the same time. Retro Ninty titles pop up often, of course.

This year there are a range of Nintendo prizes included in the giveaway, too:

  • Zelda: Legends of Localization: November 13
  • Crocheted Bowser Doll: Silent Auction November 14
  • Zelda Bag and Wallet: Silent Auction November 15
  • Star Power Shadowbox: Silent Auction November 15
  • Legend of Zelda squid plush: Giveaway November 15
  • Dark Link Sword Replica: Giveaway November 15
  • EarthBound backpack full of goodies: Giveaway November 16
  • Tetris Block Pillows: Giveaway November 18
  • Wearable Mega Man Helmet: Giveaway November 18

The event is underway, and the more that's raised the longer it'll run. After about a day it's already raised over $70,000 at the time of writing.

If you want to watch and follow along head over to; we'll aim to track and share more fundraising marathons and so on in the future, too.