Still one of the most played apps on the planet, Niantic has started rolling out its latest update for Pokémon GO users. Version 0.45.0 (Android) and 1.15.0 (IOS) brings daily bonuses to try and entice players back to the never-ending quest to "Catch'em All".

Pokemon Go Daily Bonus
Image: Highsnobiety

Originally discovered by data miners, the latest update sees trainers able to receive extra XP and Stardust from their first catch of the day. Doing so will reward the player with 500 XP and 600 Stardust respectively. Along with this there are bigger bonuses for catching a Pokémon seven days in a row. For those of us who have been stuck on a particular level (twenty four, before you ask!) for months now, this addition is most welcome.

At the same time taking control of an enemy's Gym has become less frustrating. On victory over a rival colour's Gym, there is now a brief period of time where you are the only player actually allowed to place a Pokémon within; stopping any Gary Oaks turning up at the last minute. Not only this but the prestige of a rival Gym falls quicker, with training of a friendly gym made slower. Apart from that the update details only specify "Minor text files".

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