With Thanksgiving being celebrated today in the US, we can be pretty sure that Nintendo of America will be joining many others in the country with a company-wide day off. NoA did remember, nevertheless, to tweet a Holiday message, and did so with a nice bit of art related to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

The tweet simply says "Happy Thanksgiving!", so we thought it'd be better to post a full size image rather than embed the message. Check it out below - be sure to look in the shadows, too.

BoTW Thanksgiving art.jpg

We're certainly looking forward to seeing and learning a lot more about Breath of the Wild, whenever it arrives. We do think the picture's slightly odd, though - surely those animals, with the exception of Wolf Link, would be a little more cautious of our Hero due to the fact he has an enormous turkey cooking over the fire.

Or maybe we're overthinking it...

Happy Thanksgiving!

[source twitter.com]