Rayman soundtrack.png

It's relatively common for enthusiasts for remix and remaster classic game soundtracks, but occasionally the originally composers take up the challenge. That's the case with a current Kickstarter campaign being led by Rémi Gazel, the composer for the original Rayman.

His goal is to raise funds for a soundtrack album that, on its initial target, will comprise of jazz/rock rearrangements of the original material. Stretch goals add additional performance elements and arrangements, too, and the project has the official blessing (and licensing rights) from Ubisoft.

A further video gives an idea of the approach being taken, which is certainly energetic if a little divisive.

It's a neat idea, with CD and vinyl versions in the works. The campaign is currently needing a boost in momentum, though, as it's hit roughly €13,500 of its €50,000 goal at the time of writing, with 17 days still to go.

Do you like the idea behind this project?

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