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For fans of the Zelda universe that were unfortunate not to purchase tickets to the recently announced Zelda-themed escape room / experience in the US, you may be in luck. SCRAP, the company behind the idea, has revealed that additional dates and times will become available soon. With initial sales selling out quicker than a glass of Lon Lon Milk on a sweltering afternoon, those that are lucky to obtain tickets are sure to be treated to something special.

The new dates for ticket availability are as follows:

  • San Francisco and Phoenix – Available December 2nd at 12pm PST
  • Los Angeles and San Diego – Available December 5th at 12pm PST

If you head to the official website you'll be able to look for details on your chosen city.

Are you going to buy tickets? Are you already going to Defenders of the Triforce? Leave us a comment and let us know.