Rejoice Pokéfans! Like Whitney's Miltank it looks like it won't be long now until Generation II starts rolling out in Pokémon GO. In Niantic's latest code for the recent Android update (0.45.0), The Silph Road has done some data mining and discovered that there are 100 new Pokémon names waiting in the (steel) wings, fron #152 to #251. From Chikorita to Celebi, the rumour suggests that all Pokémon available in Silver, Gold & Crystal will be coming to the mobile phenomenon.

Pokemon Go Gen 2.jpg

No further details are currently available, including movesets for each new Pokémon; as such a further update would be needed before the 'mon can appear in the game.

There has, however, been information found about Ditto's "Transform" move; this is the first move to be added since the app's launch back in July. The file also details the animation for "Transform" but does not confirm it as an actual move; does this mean Ditto transforms as soon as it enters battle? Your guess is as good as ours. Niantic is yet to comment on the news.

Who are you most looking forward to seeing added to the Pokedex? Tell us in the comments.