With the perils of print publishing in the modern market, we've seen a range of gaming magazines utilise crowdfunding to find and maintain an audience; a notable example has been Nintendo Force Magazine. Now a 'high-end culture' magazine is aiming to join the ranks and, based on early momentum, should get into print.

It's called A Profound Waste of Time: A Gaming Magazine, which has the goal of diving into the cultural aspects that drive the industry. You can see the pitch video and description below.

A Profound Waste of Time is a bold new videogame culture magazine, a lovingly produced home to great writing on the medium and its accompanying narratives. Each issue will play host to a rich variety of voices from inside and outside the industry, interwoven with stunning imagery from leading illustrators and artists. Editorially discerning and beautifully designed, each magazine will serve to celebrate and elevate gaming culture and discussion.

Inspired by high-end culture magazines such as Little White Lies and Elephant, our aim is to redefine what a physical videogame magazine can be, and offer a peerlessly presented collection of progressive writing and artwork. Unconcerned with the latest news or reviews, A Profound Waste of Time will dissect the virtual worlds that inspire, unite and challenge us.

The first magazine looks set to have an interesting line-up, with some familiar names for Nintendo fans being Yacht Club Games, NF Magazine contributor Jonathan Holmes and Tommy Refenes from Team Meat.

You can see the full line-up at the campaign link below. At the time of writing it's raised about £16,000 of its £20,000 target with 26 days still to go; do you like the look of it?

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