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Another day, another set of comments from sources familiar and otherwise with Nintendo's upcoming projects; many are focused on NX, but CEO of Tokyo-based consultancy firm Kantan Games - Dr. Serkan Toto - has also given a little insight into Super Mario Run's development. This is all ahead of inevitable updates during Nintendo's financial briefings next week.

Let's get NX out of the way first, as we're aware that's what many want to hear about. There have been a number of people claiming to have sources around when the NX is due to be revealed, and in one case we've investigated and found that one such claim from today is likely incorrect. Nevertheless, two well-known followers of Nintendo's business have given slightly contradictory views on whether NX will be seen this week, so for information both are below.

Over the past 24 hours Emily Rogers, who has correctly reported on projects like Paper Mario: Color Splash before its reveal earlier this year - as one example - has shared the view that NX could be on the agenda this week and next week, perhaps (we'd suggest) with the usual reveal announcement followed by a full unveiling. Key tweets are below.

And in response to a tweet and then editorial that this writer posted considering the angles around the NX reveal timing...

On the flipside, Dr. Serkan Toto (who is normally relatively accurate and justified in his insights) suggested there may not be any reveal this week. He acknowledges that the source for that information is a little weaker than for his Super Mario Run insights, and it should be noted that a 'reveal' next week or beyond need not exclude a hype-building announcement in the coming days.

He did acknowledge that a pre-unveiling announcement - such as a date for an event or broadcast - could be a factor this week.

Those are two perspectives (thank you for the tips, we've seen various others) that are among the more reasonable we've seen. We weighed up some key points on the potential timings for the NX reveal in a recent editorial too, considering the angles and what fans should perhaps expect in the coming days and up to 26th October, when Nintendo will be addressing investors.

Moving on, Dr. Serkan Toto cites a 'rock solid' source on information around how Super Mario Run has been developed. While maintaining that it's on course for a December release and that Shigeru Miyamoto is director of the project, DeNA is apparently a little more hands on than expected in making the game. As opposed to simply working on server-side and back-end areas, it's more central to the core development, albeit it isn't leading the game's design.

Though Nintendo is still very much the creative force, it seems that DeNA's capabilities are being utilised beyond back-end technical work. The company has a long track-record in mobile services and games, so perhaps this shouldn't be a surprise.

So those are some of the more interesting (and perhaps trustworthy) rumours and source-driven remarks that we've seen online today. Let us know what you think in the comments.