With Pokémon Sun and Moon looming ever closer, more and more details are emerging while players can also try out the Special Demo Version. The upcoming dual release kicks off a new generation, too, and with that it introduces a range of new ideas for players to try out.

Some things remain the same, though, including the 'Masuda Method'. This trick that encourages trading in order to increase the chances of getting Shiny Pokémon is long established, and a video by Eurogamer explains what it is and gets confirmation that the method is still effective in Sun and Moon.

Eurogamer's interview with Masuda-san also explored Z-Moves, a new feature that also ties into deliciously chunky plastic toys. It's a different way of powering up 'mon, and in spirit seems to be taking over from Mega Evolutions. Though the latter are supported in Sun and Moon, Mega Pokémon and Stones feature in the new games will just be those already seen in X & Y / Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire; Eurogamer says it's had confirmation that Mega Evolutions won't be explored further in the new games.

Masuda-san explained the switch and the design logic behind Z-Moves.

This time around we've got various different things for people to enjoy in Pokémon Sun and Moon and one of these things is Z-moves. This is something every Pokémon can use.

What we have now is a way for people to use the Pokémon they want to use, so their favourites types, their favourite Pokémon, even those which perhaps weren't so popular before, now they can focus on their favourites in battle. That's why we've focused on the Z-moves this time around.

It's not just about letting you use your favourites, either (as many of the most popular did get Mega Evolutions). It's also a way to resurface little-used creatures and give them a boost.

Previously, there were Pokémon that weren't perhaps used too much in battle and they're perhaps going to come to the fore a bit more like 'ah, I can use this this way', and perhaps make a different effect than was previously possible.

So there you have it. Are you pleased about the continuation of the 'Masuda Method', and are you keen to try out Z-Moves in the full games?

[source eurogamer.net]