It's evident that Nintendo is eager to make steps into eSports. We've seen the company improve its support for the Super Smash Bros. and Pokkén Tournament scenes, and the recent Nintendo Switch preview trailer featured a Splatoon-centric competitive scenario at the end. It's a growing industry, and Nintendo naturally wants a slice of the action.

Nintendo doesn't have many games ideally suited for eSports, either venue-based or online, but it is trying to boost the latter approach with Battlefy in North America. It's promoting the upcoming Splatoon Showdown Series, as you can see below.

All based online and using an official website and service, each of the core modes will be supported with qualifiers and then Finals throughout November. Teams of four are needed and after the site matches opponents it's up to team captains to register, liaise through the site and then report the results of a match. First place team prizes are listed below and it's North America only:

  • Exclusive Poster Autographed by the Splatoon Development Team
  • Splatoon Plush
  • Splatoon Series amiibo Figures (3-pack set)
  • Squid Pin
  • Splatoon Squid Collectible Figure

Services like this can be rather fiddly to use - for an idea of how it works check out this information page.

Do any of you plan to get a team together for this?