When Nintendo lifted the lid on its new Switch console last week it triggered a lot of questions. Does it have a touchscreen? How long will the battery last? What are those tiny, tiny pads going to be like when you've been gaming for six hours straight? And why does the assembled Joy-Con controller look like a dog?

That final question is one that former Ninterview subject Anna the Red has been pondering at length, and she's decided to take this comparison to the next level by creating a Nintendo Switch pooch plushie.

As you can see from Anna's Flickr page and the images we've hand-picked below, it's downright adorable - it even has a tongue and tiny stitched bumhole (forgive us, that's a word we haven't used since we were 11).

We don't know about you, but it's now impossible for us to look at the Switch controller without thinking about dogs now. Curse you, Anna the Red!

[source flickr.com]