Kalle Demos

The Zelda series has had its fair share of bizarre ways to battle bosses over the years, such as in A Link to the Past, where you could reflect Agahnim's magic bolts with the bug net, or in Ocarina of Time where you could use a bottle in your tennis match against Ganondorf. Now, it seems that another unconventional weapon has been discovered in Wind Waker, quite possibly for the first time since the game originally released on GameCube.

When Link reaches the end of the Forbidden Woods in Wind Waker, he must take down the evil Kalle Demos plant with the boomerang item upon reaching the final chamber. Typically, one uses Link's sword to deal damage in this relatively easy fight, but a YouTuber named Fish_Waffle64 recently discovered that you can kill the boss in one hit if you just dump some Forest Spring Water on it. Here's a video of it in action:

Though the video shows it being done on the HD remake, it's been confirmed that it also works in the original game. Amazing.

What do you think? Did you discover this on your own? What other Nintendo games do you think could be hiding secrets like this? Drop us a comment in the section below.

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