We've been mentioning Switch so much that we have Will Smith's family friendly rapping stuck in our heads, but that's a hazard of the job. After weeks (or months?) of constant "where's NX" remarks in social media, Nintendo can now say "HERE IT IS" in an exasperated tone.

It feels like we've already deconstructed all we can from the reveal, so maybe we should step back from the technical details and just take a look at the system. Thanks to this lovely 3D model by an artist called shaderbytes; using the embed below (assuming your device and browser support it) you can rotate and zoom the view of the Switch console.

It's a neat render, and a nice nod to Splatoon fans too after the game featured in the preview trailer.

So, what do you think, do you like the look of it?

With thanks to Donni for the heads up.

[source sketchfab.com, via polygon.com]