Pokémon Sun and Moon is undoubtedly the highest profile game still to come to Nintendo hardware this year, with the dual release likely to be at the heart of 3DS sales over the Holiday season. The Pokémon Company and Nintendo have been ramping up the hype, which went another step with the release of the Pokémon Sun and Moon Demo Version.

We already outlined what it offers and what we think of it, but it's likely that most of you enthusiastic Trainers will have already downloaded it and seen what it has to offer. In our write-up we praised the fact that it allows players to see the Alola Region and try out some of the new features in the upcoming generation, but also felt that it ended rather too soon. It's all relative - by typical demo standards it's a fairly generous package, yet when pitched as a 'separate adventure' (as it has been) it's tempting to expect Bravely Default levels of content.

In any case, the demo is enjoyable and features opportunities to gather resources to transfer to the full games, as well as that Ash-Greninja. We want to know what you make of it though - is it a fantastic way to build hype for the main games, a disappointment or something in-between?

Sound off in the polls and comments below and let us know where you stand.

Have you downloaded Pokémon Sun and Moon: Special Demo Version?
If you've downloaded it, what do you think of the Pokémon Sun and Moon demo?