At last!

Miitomo certainly seemed like an odd choice for Nintendo's debut software entry in the smart device market. It's safe to say that nobody expected a Mii-centric social network game, and it seems like Nintendo itself has been a bit unsure what to do with the app. Nonetheless, the company isn't keen on giving up on it yet, and the recent Financial Briefing provided new information on what we can expect in the app's near future.

To start, your friends list from Miitomo will carry over directly into Super Mario Run, in order to bolster the initial appeal of the multiplayer aspect of the game. Additionally, a sizable update is planned for the game that will add in a direct message option, where you can utilize your Mii's facial expressions and voice to send messages back in forth with friends. On top of this, "additional features" are also being planned.

What do you think? Is the update going to be too little, too late? What other ways could this integrate with future Nintendo apps? Share your thoughts in the comments below.