MK Switch.png

We have a big breakdown of the Nintendo Switch on the way, but we thought we'd look at some details from two games featured in the video - the ports / remasters / sequels / whatever they are for Mario Kart 8 and Splatoon.

First of all, here's the trailer again.

Let's start with the Mario Kart we see - it looks like Mario Kart 8, but two key details standout that aren't in the Wii U game.

  • King Boo as a playable character.
  • Stacked items, two available for each racer.

So, what about Splatoon? There's a lot of debate over whether what we're seeing is a sequel or an expanded 'Director's Cut' of the Wii U title. Our video man Alex, who says he's "played the arse off" the original, believes the following are all new in the snippets from the reveal.

  • New 'hairstyles'
  • New maps
  • Higher res textures
  • Motion controls (we think, but won't bet the house on it) in 'Pro Controller'
  • New animations
  • Players spawn in a different formation
  • New weapon designs

What do you think, are you seeing these new details? Let us know in the comments.