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The DSiWare store was home to some gems, and one example was Inchworm Animation, an impressive app on the portable. It had surprisingly broad tools for creating animations, and now a successor is imminent on the 3DS eShop - Butterfly: Inchworm Animation II.

A 3DS eShop exclusive from Flat Black Films, this new entry supports more complex tools and stereoscopic 3D. Whether animating drawings, stop-motion or a mixture of both, it looks to have smart features; you can even record sound effects. Perhaps most impressively it's going to have online sharing linked to; the following is from the press release.

The original Inchworm was designed for sharing work online, but it just wasn't possible then. Thankfully times have changed, and it's super easy to upload Butterfly animations to the gallery. In addition to featuring user-generated artwork, the website has video tutorials explaining how to get the most out of the program. Like Inchworm, Butterfly is easy to use but not dumbed-down. It's not really a game, and it's not for kids. It's for people who like to be creative in coffee shops.

The trailer below also does a nice job showing this off.

This app is coming out on 27th October in North America and will only be $5; the developer tells us a European release is planned - "hopefully by end of year" - and a publisher will also be bringing it to Japan.

Are any of you creatives planning to give this a try?