When it comes to the Ace Attorney series, there's certainly a sense of unease and nervousness around the future of the franchise. Though Capcom has produced multiple high-quality entries in the series for 3DS, not all have made it out of Japan, while those that have arrived are eShop-only downloads. Thankfully, confirmation of a sequel to The Great Ace Attorney for Japan does at least show that new games continue to prioritise Nintendo's portable.

Nevertheless, Capcom's dalliances with smart devices do prompt some nerves. Some have therefore pointed out - probably with some reservations about the news - that DS title Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney is the latest entry announced for smart devices, with pre-registration already open on Capcom's US site. It seems like a fairly direct remake - though it's being pitched as a 'new' adventure, as it technically is on iOS and Android - with optimised "UI and graphics for smartphones and tablets".

It's due out out this Winter. It's certainly smart business to roll-out the back catalogue of Ace Attorney games on mobile (Dual Destinies arrived rather quickly, though) but there'll be nerves around moves like this. We just hope that Nintendo hardware continues to go to trial first in future releases.

Thanks to all that sent this in.

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