There, there

We've all done it. When you're out and about on a family trip it's all too tempting to pull out your phone, fire up Pokémon GO and check to see if there are any rare 'mon lurking nearby.

However, for one father on a visit to the British seaside town of Holland-on-Sea, getting a catch was more important than his offspring dipping their toes in the wet stuff. When his kids couldn't find a single Pokémon, he complained to Tendring District Council.

Council spokesperson Nigel Brown confirmed that an officer conducted an internet-based search into why Holland-on-Sea was so light on Pocket Monsters:

Our research found the locations of Pokemon Go characters is all down to Google traffic. We did get the request as to why there were no Pokemon characters in Holland on Sea from a father who had been out with his children.

Basically, the reason is that there's not enough people using Google along the beach and you cannot actually request characters.

After all, no family holiday is complete without someone staring at their phone and ignoring the gorgeous scenery, right?