The Pokémon GO Plus has had a bit of an iffy run to market, getting delayed initially and generally proving to be rather elusive even when it is meant to be on sale. There are also nitty-gritty questions over the fine details of what it does, as the included instructions are 'succinct', to put it politely. The more blunt description would be "practically non-existent".

One of our Pokémon GO Trainers, Damien, had a go at breaking it all down in our Hardware Review of the accessory. Now our video man Alex has worked on clarifying everything you need to know about the little gadget, including the fact you probably shouldn't succumb to scalpers on eBay. He also does a good impression of its buzz / vibrator, to be fair.

Do you have a Pokémon GO Plus, or have you put it on your wishlist along with hen's teeth and a unicorn while we wait for more stock?