Super Mario Run new.jpg

Earlier today Shigeru Miyamoto made a star appearance at Apple's major event, with able assistance from Bill Trinen, and revealed Super Mario Run. Coming to iOS in December - Apple gets the first bite (sorry) - it's a runner with the big pitch that you can play with just one hand. Be careful with those marketing slogans Nintendo, the internet is not to be messed with.

In any case, you tap on the screen to make Mario jump, with timing everything across a core mode, a competitive mode where you try to impress Toads, and a creation tool of sorts accessed with in-game currency. The pleasing thing - depending on your perspective - is that aside from a free introductory download this will be a simple one-payment gig, avoiding the potential banana skin of iffy micro-transactions.

In any case, Nintendo has released a short gameplay video online, perfect for those of us that were caught out by the Apple reveal.

Let us know what you think. If you're an Apple user you can also register your interest in the December release on the official website.