For some there's no escaping from the 'good old days', which in the Nintendo scene means - for some - delving into Nintendo 64 goodness. Nintendo's powerhouse console (at the time) was home to iconic games that are still much loved today.

Super Mario 64 is right up near the top of the list when considering the most beloved games on the system, so it's only natural that an enthusiast with some programming skills saw Super Mario Run and thought "hey, that'd be more awesome as a 64-bit game".

So we have Super Mario Run 64, created in just a couple of days by Kaze Emanuar; you can check it out below.

It's an impressive effort considering how quickly it's been turned around, and demonstrates the dedication (and skill) that can be found in the enthusiast scene. Naturally it's a mod of a ROM, though, so the usual grey ethical areas apply; we'd suggest this one qualifies as pretty darn harmless, though.

What do you reckon. Is a 64-bit runner more desirable that all these flashy 21st Century alternatives?