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The growth of eSports remains a major talking point in the games industry. When the Rio Olympics rolled around it was an opportunity to debate where eSports stand in the broader picture, and it's not hard to find eye-watering viewing figures and revenues from the global industry, with full stadiums in countries like South Korea often cited and shown off.

In any case, tens of millions of hours of eSports are watched online per month, according to Newzoo data taken from global viewerships on Twitch. It grades games / franchises on the number of eSports hours watched, and also shows the total hours watched (which will include let's plays, walkthroughs etc). Though Super Smash Bros. is a long way off the top games, it does place 7th in the list.


Most focus on Smash Bros. as an eSport is more than likely on Melee and the Wii U entry, though the original and Brawl are likely to be contributing a little.

What do you think of this? Is there potential for Smash Bros. to climb higher, or is that placing about right for the Nintendo brawler? Let us know in the comments.

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