Pokemon GO

It's been a few months since Pokémon GO made its official debut, and although there's some pretty cool new features being added, it was inevitable that the app would struggle to maintain its initial level of success and popularity. After breaking several records for sales and downloads at launch, Pokémon GO has been steadily decreasing in usage and popularity, with recent reports now saying that we're at "normal" levels.

The most jarring statistic is that the paying population on the game has dropped 79 percent. While this may look quite negative at first, bear in mind that Pokémon GO virtually doubled the number of spenders in mobile gaming in the days and weeks after its release. The app is currently doing strong numbers regardless, managing to account for 28 percent of total mobile sales in August, six times that of Candy Crush Saga in second place. Moreover, sales for other Pokémon related merchandise have jumped by 233 percent over this last month, so it seems that the app hasn't quite run out of steam yet. Check out the full rundown by Slice Intelligence here, it's quite a fascinating read

What do you think? Will Pokémon GO continue to be profitable? How long do you think it'll be leading charts? Drop us a comment in the section below.

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