Bayonetta 2

It's rather hard to believe, but Bayonetta 2 has already been out for a couple years now. The excellent hack 'n' slash still stands as one of the best exclusives available in the Wii U library, and it made plenty of sense when the titular character inevitably made her appearance in Super Smash Bros. Now that it's been about two years since the game's launch, Yusuke Hashimoto of PlatinumGames decided to do a fun blog post containing some rather bizarre information.

As it would turn out, there's a series of secret shops throughout the game that will allow you to buy certain characters and items before you otherwise would obtain them in a typical playthrough. The shops are hidden behind unexceptional doors that are part of the environments in certain levels. Standing close enough to the doors and then 'knocking' on them three times on the GamePad touchscreen will center the camera on the door. From here, you must input a secret button combination to bring up the prompt that allows you to buy the item behind the door.

Also, Hashimoto included a close up picture of the Bayonetta amiibo. He explains that they're still working on getting her just right, but hopefully it won't take too long for the amiibo to be on shelves. Check out the post here, for details on the secret shops and more.

What do you think? Had you discovered the secret shops before? Will you be picking up the amiibo? Share your thoughts in the comments below.