Batter up!

Mario sports titles have been a staple of Nintendo gaming since the days of the NES. From Mario Golf to Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games in more recent times, these titles are known to provide fun for the whole family.

It appears the house of Mario is raising the bar for this specific genre in Spring 2017, with the announcement of Mario Sports Superstars during the latest Nintendo Direct presentation.

This title is a five-sport compilation which includes full versions of baseball, tennis, golf, horse racing and 11-on-11 football (or soccer, if you prefer). The game will include entire single-player tournaments for each sport as well as local and online multiplayer modes.

There's no clear indication how these games will compare to past standalone releases of many of these sports, however, Nintendo believes the content on offer in Mario Sports Superstars is likely to pleasantly surprise fans.

What do you think about Nintendo throwing five sports games onto one game card? Do you like the sound of this, or would you prefer to see these types of experiences released individually as standalone games. Let us know in the comments.