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The newest batch of information about Pokémon Sun and Moon has come from CoroCoro, with leaked scans making their way online as per tradition.

If you don't want to know more, then we do wonder why you clicked on this article; if you do want to know and see more, read on.

For a start, Rockruff's evolved form has been revealed, though there's a catch. Rockruff will evolve into Lugarugan, but its appearance will change based on whether it evolves during the day or during the night. It should be noted that Lugarugan is only one Pokémon, and that the separate appearances are different forms rather than separate Pokémon (much like Meowstic or Wormadam). Right now we don't know Lugarugan's abilities or types, but one might safely bet that the two have a host of differences in combat. For a while, the magazine has teased that it would reveal a secret about Rockruff that is shared with the Alola region's starter Pokémon. While this could be the secret - that Rowlet, Litten, and Popplio could also have separate forms based on time of evolution - for now it's much too soon to know.

Image: Serebii
Image: Serebii

We also get a look at some creepy new Ultra Beasts. Both are named UB02, but UB02 Expansion is exclusive to Pokemon Sun, while UB02 Beauty is exclusive to Pokemon Moon. The beasts are still menacing and mysterious, and we even get a glimpse of island guardian Pokemon Tapu Koko squaring off against UB02 Expansion. Additionally, a cryptic teaser for a revelation about synthetic Pokémon Type: Null claims it will show its true power in the next edition of CoroCoro.

Image: Serebii

We also get a teaser image for the Sun and Moon season of the Pokémon anime, which prominently features Ash and Pikachu striking the pose for Electric Z-Moves, as well as a Bewear blasting off with Team Rocket.

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Image: Serebii

What do you think of the alternate forms for Rockruff's evolved form? How about those crazy Ultra Beasts? Let us know in the comments!

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