Twisted Fusion

We've just got word from Leuvsion - a studio led by UK-based developer Lewis Pugh - that work on the ambitious "open platformer" Twisted Fusion is progressing nicely and is now aiming to launch in early October for reasonable price of £4 / €5 / $5.

Way back in Spring 2014 this was one of a number of eShop projects that was successfully funded on Kickstarter. In this open platformer, players can tackle the adventure alone or with up to five co-op buddies. There's monster hunting and breeding, loot collecting and plenty besides that highlight the gameplay depth being targeted here - it's a Wii U exclusive, too.

We have to say we dig the art style and soundtrack in the game. Take a look at the action trailer to get a feel for yourself.

Is Twisted Fusion on your day one purchase list? As always let us know with a comment below.