Despite the fact that Pokémon GO has been out for about a month now, the game still suffers from its fair share of hiccups and glitches. Sure, it's not the unmitigated mess that it was in the first week, but the removal of the three step glitch among other instability issues still show that Niantic has definitely got its work cut out. Now, players in the New York City area have begun talking about a new glitch, one where eggs can be placed in gyms.

It's not currently known exactly how players have been managing it (don't get curious, you fiends), but the issue is evident in how it effectively makes gyms unbeatable. Seeing as how eggs have no HP and no moves, they cannot be fought, meaning that anybody who has a Pokémon or an egg in that gym can collect endless Defender awards until the exploit gets patched out. Here's footage of what happens:

Niantic hasn't acknowledged the exploit yet, but we'd bet it's scrambling for a solution right now. Hopefully, it'll be addressed in the next update.

What do you think? Have you seen this at a gym near you? Will you play by the rules, or will you try to utilize this? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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