We suspect that most with an interest in Splatoon bought it long ago, yet Nintendo is leaving no stone unturned in its quest to get as many Wii U owners as possible on board. A little while ago we shared the news that the Splatoon Testfire demo is returning for a Summer fling, so here's a reminder that it's live and free now for all that fancy some online matches.

It's working in different ways depending on region, however, seemingly more unlimited in Europe than it is in North America; you have to download the demo first, obviously.

In North America it's been running since 25th August, with a two hour window up to 28th August - from 3-5pm Pacific each day; that's 6-8pm Eastern. That means there are still a few sessions left for anyone that wants to jump in.

In Europe it's a free-for-all, however. It's been running since 18th August and there aren't any fixed times, so it's just a case of whether you can find a full room up to 1st September.

We suspect most reading these pages have already bought Splatoon, but if you haven't there's still time to try it out for free.

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