Earlier today we reported on GameStop offering pre-orders on the New Galaxy Style New Nintendo 3DS XL - not the snappiest product name of all time, admittedly. It's an iteration of the system that's been rather surprising, and seemingly random unless this week's Nintendo Direct sheds a little more light on its purpose.

When searching for the Amazon product page for this system, we came across another Galaxy design 3DS product; in this case a third-party hard shell, one of a whole load of designs for New 3DS XL models.

We couldn't help but be amused at some of the similarities - such as purple constellations in each - albeit one is a cheap add on and one is an official Nintendo system.

From third-party company Supremery
Nintendo's official system, out in North American this week

It's a quirky discovery, in any case, though this writer most certainly prefers the purple look and design of the real deal.

Time will tell whether this 'New Galaxy Style' system is a release on a whim by Nintendo, or whether it's related to something like Pokémon Moon or an as-yet-unidentified product.

Its come too late for April Fools, anyway.

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