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Image: Pokemon: Suburban Version

Pokémon GO has, in most ways, been a terrific success for Niantic and The Pokémon Company. Yet despite its record breaking success it's also earned its share of critics, with some of the most dedicated players and franchise fans among those disgruntled at various aspects of the game.

One common complaint revolves around the spawning points in suburban and rural areas; with the game utilising Google Maps and algorithms to drive its various mechanics, it's long been established that most of the best action is to be found in cities, especially near landmarks. For those out in the sticks, however, in suburbs or rural communities, the game can have a lot less to offer.

A satirical game currently burning up Reddit is called 'Pokémon: Suburban Version', with the creator 'Shane' saying he's just 14 years old. It's a simple browser-based game in which you catch Pidgey over and over again, with limited success; all the while 'Pokémon GO Update Incoming!' blocks move along and end the game if hit.

On his website for the game, Shane has written the following.

My name's Shane, and I'm 14 years old. I set out to make this game in hopes of alerting Niantic of the severity of the communities disdain for current spawning mechanics.

C'mon, Niantic, I've literally managed to teach myself Javascript just to make a statement regarding the lack of Pokemon in suburban/rural areas in Pokemon GO! (granted, if my game were a Pidgey, by comparison, yours would be a Dragonite, so full marks for... most of what you've done with GO)

It's a good example of using a complaint to make a funny point and learn something new - kudos to the young GO fan for that.

Does this fan-made game represent your experience with GO in a suburban or rural area? Let us know in the comments.

With thanks to Adam Cohen for the heads up.

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