Like any game that becomes stupidly popular, Pokémon GO has seen its fair share of "cheaters" - people who use shady measures to get an unfair advantage over others.

In Pokémon GO's case, this includes faking your location to rake in items and capture Pokémon, using third-party trackers to pinpoint certain monsters and creating scripts or hacks using the game's API.

Niantic has been shutting down online trackers but people are still clearly finding ways to "cheat" the system, and some of those people are now receiving bans on their accounts:


Niantic has been very clear that cheating breaks its terms of service, but many players claim that they've been forced into using online trackers because the game's own built-in tracking system was disabled a while back to reduce load on the servers, and while Niantic is currently testing a replacement, not all players have it yet.

Have you been sent one of the emails above, or have you been warned about getting a ban? Do you think that Niantic should be making sure the game's own tracking system works properly before issuing these bans? Let us know by posting a comment below.

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