Typical. You wait years for a new Wonder Boy game and two come along at once. We knew about Monster Boy quite some time ago but the title has been forgotten somewhat following the news that Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap is getting a reboot (which also appears to be coming to the Wii U).

These two games are entirely unconnected and are being produced by different teams but original series creator Ryuichi Nishizawa is involved with both. This bodes well for fans of the franchise, which rose to fame on Sega's Master System and Mega Drive consoles, as well as in arcades.

While publisher FDG Games was previously open to the idea of a Wii U port - but stopped short of confirming anything - the trailer only mentions PS4, Xbox One and Steam.

We pressed FDG on this and were told the following:

We'll certainly bring this game [to] a Nintendo console. I can't say more yet, unfortunately.

That's about as solid a confirmation as we're going to get, and could hint at a 3DS or NX release. Let us know if you're keen to play this title by leaving a comment.