Nintendo hit a home run

We reported back in April that Nintendo hoped to sell it's majority stake in the Seattle Mariners. It appears that the sale could close this week which would be great news for Nintendo's bank balance in advance of launching Nintendo NX in March 2017.

It's been reported that Major League Baseball owners were set to vote yesterday on the proposed sale of the controlling stake in the Seattle Mariners from Nintendo of America to a group of minority owners led by John Stanton.

As part of the sale, Stanton will take over as control person from current chairman Howard Lincoln, who is retiring.

Nintendo plans to sell all but 10 percent of its stake in the franchise. The team said was valued at $1.4 billion in April, so that's a large chunk of change for Nintendo.

The story of how Nintendo came to own the Seattle Mariners to begin with is a fascinating one, for more insight into this we'll hand you over to the Gaming Historian.

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