It's been a good run

Some of you may have already been aware of this interesting bit of trivia, but Nintendo has owned a majority stake in the Seattle Mariners baseball team since 1992. For the most part, this wasn't entirely obvious to the average viewer, aside from some sparse Nintendo ads around Safeco Field – the Mariners' home – and a rather fascinating DSi app that lets fans interact in a new way by letting them check stats, order food, and share pictures with other fans locally. It seems that Nintendo's involvement is coming to an end, however, as it just recently came to light that Nintendo will be selling most of its stake in the team.

The news broke on the official Mariners' Twitter account earlier today, where it was revealed that Nintendo will be redistributing the shares to other members of the core ownership group. Nintendo will still retain a 10% share in the team, and the share worth is valued at roughly $1.4 billion. John Stanton – one of the members of the ownership group – will act as the "control person" from now on, and he was keen to reaffirm that the team will be staying in Seattle. Here's the announcement tweet:

The transaction will officially take place in August, so nothing will be changing for the team at least in the near future.

What do you think? Are you a Mariners fan? Why do you think Nintendo gave up its majority stake? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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