Legend of Kusakari

If you've played any conventional Zelda games, then you no doubt understand Link's sisyphean struggle to battle the long grasses of Hyrule. Considering that grass contains rupees, hearts, magic, and other helpful items, it's always worth your while to go and clear out a patch of grass just because. Evidently, Librage really likes the concept, as the studio has created an entire action game centered around it.

In Legend of Kusakari, Shiba Kari is a humble grass cutter whose job is to keep the fields pristine so the heroes that battle monsters don't get their feet tangled in grass and weeds. Gameplay takes a puzzle-like action approach as you maneuver your lawncare professional around the battlefield, dodging enemies and cutting grass. It's just as bizarre as it sounds, and Nnooo -- the game's publisher -- just announced that it releases on 25th August on the eShop here in the West.

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