French Major Says "Non" To Pokémon GO
Image: Engadget

It seems like the whole world has gone crazy trying to catch 'em all sometimes, such is the worldwide success of Pokémon GO. However Bressolles Mayor Fabrice Beauvois has had enough of mischievous Pokémons causing mayhem in the village of about 800 inhabitants northeast of Lyon which he presides over.

The French mayor has mailed a decree to Niantic and The Pokemon Company which he hopes will put a stop to use of the app in his village, claiming that it puts pedestrians and drivers at risk because players become inattentive while watching their smartphones. He's also worried that it may also result in groups of people forming at night.

He is also a bit cheesed off that Niantic didn't request prior authorisation before sending all the Pokémon his way:

When a cafe or a restaurant owner wants to open a business in any French town, they have an obligation to request prior authorization to the mayor. The rule applies to all people wishing to set up an activity or occupy a space on a public property. So it applies to Niantic as well, even though their settlement is virtual. They [Niantic] use the entire planet as a playground.

Niantic are yet to respond to the mayor's decree, however a spokesperson said the company is "moving quickly to review and address all such requests" and that property owners can request the removal of a stop by visiting the "Pokemon Go" website.

It'll be interesting to see if this complaint is successful. As always, let us know your thoughts on this decree with a comment below.