Image: Damien McFerran / Nintendo Life

Dinosaur Planet was supposed to be Rare's swansong on the N64, a 3D action platformer which would create a brand-new IP and push the console to its very limits.

As we all know, that never happened - Dinosaur Planet was re-tooled at Nintendo's behest as Star Fox Adventures and would be released on the GameCube. It was Rare's final game under Nintendo's wing, as the UK studio would be purchased by Microsoft around the same time.

You can read up a little more on the history behind Star Fox Adventures here, and if you're interested in the story, setting and cast of Dinosaur Planet then you'll be pleased to learn that a group of hard-working fans are aiming to bring the idea back to life with their own animated series.

Nintendo Life contributor Liam Robertson has the lowdown on this venture:

A trailer for the series will debut today via Twitch, and that should give us a good look at this concept. A teaser for the trailer has also been released:

What kind of legal ground the series sits on is unknown at this stage; while Dinosaur Planet was never actually released, its assets and characters are still technically owned by Rare, which is in turn owned by Microsoft.

It remains to be seen if these two companies will sit back and allow work to continue, but it's great to see that fans can be so passionate about a title that was never even properly released.