The final Splatoon Splatfest ended with Team Marie victorious, with plenty of players taking off their team t-shirts, collecting their winnings and no doubt letting out a disappointed sigh. After more than a year of regular updates and Splatfests, the Wii U's colourful shooter is about to settle down and conclude its evolution.

For those that still want more Super Sea Snails, the currency that is vital for improving and changing up gear, the end of Splatfests is a problem. Yet the acquisition of these critters isn't yet done, even if they'll be harder to gather in significant numbers.

Picking up on a comment on the game's Japanese Twitter account, users on Reddit have figured out that Judd is dishing out snails in exchange for online wins. It seems that accumulating 30 wins (over multiple sessions if needed) in Ranked or Turf Wars and then speaking to Judd will yield one snail.

Super Snail.jpg
Image: Imgur

It's a steep asking price, though the gold accumulated in that many matches can also go a long way towards gear enhancements, so it certainly makes sense. It's not the mass of goodies received for Splatfest success, but it's better than nothing.

Are you still an active Splatoon player that can take advantage of this? Let us know.