Pokemon GO: Unite NYC

It might seem like a bit of overstatement to say that Pokémon GO has become a worldwide phenomenon, but with each passing day it feels like a modern day Beatlemania (can we coin the phrase Pokémania?).

YouTuber Alexander Steinberg has attempted to document this ever-growing craze as many hundreds of Pokémon Trainers gathered in New York City to do their thing. There are lots of fascinating insights from various Trainers and an amusing segment from a bemused gentleman who happened to be dining across the street.

The scene where the Wild Vaporeon appears is really a testament to the hold this app is beginning to have over its players. Take a look at the video below and let us know your thoughts on Pokémania in New York City. (There is a bit of bad language in this video, so please do not watch if that offends you.)

[source youtube.com]